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My Year in Photography and Art

A few snapshots of my year in pictures and art. It’s been a trying year with health issues, near deaths and actual deaths with the loss of my brother in April and my nephew Christmas eve.

But trying times challenge us and I choose to become stronger, for the best way to honor those who’ve gone before us is to stay strong and enjoy those who are still here.

There were some highlights as well. A friend published her poetry book, my husband survived his illness, and after a scare, it was determined I was cancer free and I started my novel.

True friends showed themselves and strangers heaped blessings on my husband and I in ways we couldn’t imagine.

As for 2015, life will throw its usual lemons, but I know I have friends to help me make lemonade! And I will be publishing this year.

Have a blessed and safe New Years.
Enjoy the pictures.


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